Treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system by means
of stem cells using own blood

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells are cells of the body able to restore damaged or worn-out tissues and cells. They are located in different parts of the body including bone marrow and adipose tissue.

  • Stem cells have two basic functions:
  • 1. ability of self-renewal
  • 2. capacity of renewal and repair of damaged tissues and cells

This effect of the application of stem cells is used in orthopedics for the regeneration of the joint surface - cartilage - especially in the treatment of articular arthrosis and cartilage defects.

Use of stem cells in treating articular arthritis
Osteoarthritis, or just arthritis, of medium and large joints (especially the knee joint, hip joint, ankle joint, shoulder joint and elbow joint) alters the quality of articular cartilage, which gradually leads to wear of the articular cartilage and even its destruction. Cartilage at the most exposed points gradually with age progressively and irreversibly shrinks and becomes increasingly vulnerable. The patients experience pain and limited movement of joints.




  • Joint arthrosis is physiologically developing already since 30 years of age.Its progress depends on two aspects:
  • 1. Genetically given quality of cartilage
  • 2. By way of joint stressing in the course of life


Thus, the more permanently the cartilage is stressed (eg by overweight, heavy physical work, sports activity, impaired joint axis), the sooner and faster it will wear, especially when the quality of the cartilage is genetically lower.

The current "standard" generally available methods of treatment of articular arthrosis - general pharmacological and intraarticular injection treatment does not completely stop or improve the degenerative process. Patients with articular arthrosis suffer from intense joint pain, joint stiffness and in severe cases it can cause complete wear of articular cartilage with the bone necrosis under the cartilaginous surface with the need for artificial joint implant.

The currently generally available conventional pharmacological treatment option of joint arthrosis relies mainly on relief of symptomatic pain, intra-articular inflammation with joint swelling and improvement of articular slipperiness - see the chapter Task and effect of biological treatment of joint arthrosis.

Revolutionary innovation in the treatment of arthrosis is the biological treatment of joint arthrosis by own stem cells and treatment with growth factors by blood plasma.
Stem cells have enormous regenerative and healing potential, growth factors stimulate their growth and simultaneously stimulate also the existing embryonic layer of damaged articular cartilage.
During the month of November, 2011 Revmacentrum launched in cooperation with Cellthera s.r.o. ( a therapy of damaged articular cartilage and articular arthrosis by stem cells, which follows-up the previous highly positive results of treatment of arthrosis  with growth factors by blood plasma, which has been available as standard in Revmacentrum already since 2009.


Further information about the possibility of stem cell therapy is available in Revmacentrum.


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Benefits of treatment by stem cells and blood plasma in Revmacentrum:

  • Revmacentrum has available medical specialists in the area of orthopedics and rheumatology with the top professional qualifications
  • Knowledge and expertise of knowledgeable application of stem cells and blood plasma onto all joints (shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint, hip joint, ankle joint) also with ultrasound navigation
  • In case of suspicion of an inflammatory disease before treatment or during stem cell treatment there is a possibility of immediate CRP blood test in Revmacentrum free of charge
  • A Revmacentrum patient, upon admitting for treatment using stem cells and blood plasma, has a guaranteed complex and permanent specialised orthopedic and rheumatologic care
  • We guarantee continuous monitoring of the patient after the treatment with stem cells and blood plasma and in case of deterioration of his or her state of health a possibility of surgical intervention
  • Revmacentrum has a complete state of the art equipment for diagnosing diseases of the musculoskeletal system, incl. laboratory instruments for immediate diagnostics and evaluation of possible complications (bleeding conditions and inflammatory processes)
  • Possibility of payment by credit card in CZK and EUR incl. direct payments in EUR
  • Quality of treatment:
  • Revmacentrum is the first and only accredited outpatient medical facility in the Czech Republic and with the following certification systems: ČSN EN ISO 9001, ČSN OHSAS 8001,
    ČSN ISO/IEC 27001.